Friday, October 23, 2009

This Is For Real, This Time I Mean It

Hey everyone, This Thursday I received my mission call in the mail and opened it last night. I'm going to the Canada Winnipeg Mission!!!!!!
Yea, for real. I leave December 30th for 2 years of service to the hopefully awesome people of Manitoba, Canada!!!
I'm really excited and totally surprised. I really thought I would go to Florida (ASL speaking since I took it in high school) and I also thought England, SoCal or somewhere near Spain or South America (to learn Spanish). Instead, I get Canada! It's gonna be awesome tho!! Really cold winters and humid summers. It's gonna be crazy! Plus, since its kinda woodsy in some places I'm hoping to do some lumber chopping and come back with massive biceps, triceps, pecs and forearms!

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  1. yay!! congratulations kevin! you'll be great! I hear Canada's beautiful... but also cold. :)