Friday, October 23, 2009

This Is For Real, This Time I Mean It

Hey everyone, This Thursday I received my mission call in the mail and opened it last night. I'm going to the Canada Winnipeg Mission!!!!!!
Yea, for real. I leave December 30th for 2 years of service to the hopefully awesome people of Manitoba, Canada!!!
I'm really excited and totally surprised. I really thought I would go to Florida (ASL speaking since I took it in high school) and I also thought England, SoCal or somewhere near Spain or South America (to learn Spanish). Instead, I get Canada! It's gonna be awesome tho!! Really cold winters and humid summers. It's gonna be crazy! Plus, since its kinda woodsy in some places I'm hoping to do some lumber chopping and come back with massive biceps, triceps, pecs and forearms!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Heart So Big It Hurts Like Hell

Hey kids! I'm at it again! Lots of things went down since the last time I thru this up. Here we go.....
My mom came to visit a couple weeks back and goodness that was heartwrenching. Over the past couple months I have been thinking about the future of my life and realized that I may not have everything in the right order, or I was missing one thing. School started and I'm technically a senior except for the fact I have a buttload of prereqs to do before even thinking about applications to med school and pt school (I decided I'm gonna apply to both and see what I get...yea, I'm that awesome). This basically means that I would be leaving Provo and probably UT in about a year or so. I also had to kind of contemplate a romantic future since, for the most part, anyone who comes to Provo/UVU/BYU and doesn't get married while they are here, are pretty much doomed to the ward "clearance rack" in many cases (not all the time). I don't wanna be in that spot so it had obviously crossed my mind as it does with many individuals. So there is that. Now, stir in a little "Hey, should I go on a mission right now or decide I'm not going to until I'm an old man?"

I did stir that in and I feel like I can finally share this news since my papers are already in and barring some kind of extreme circumstance its gonna happen...I'M GOIN ON A MISSION!
Woooo! I said it. Great news right? Yea, I thought so to most of you out there, but I do have some friends are gonna think I'm nuts and stupid, at least I have great friends that despite that thought will still support me and be homies when I get back (Marc and Travis).

Now, your probably realizing that I mentioned my mom earlier and wondering "what does she have to do with this?" My mom and I have always been pretty close so I felt most comfortable telling her my decision first and I felt it was best face to face so she came to visit. We had lunch on the Saturday and I told her then. The reaction was heartbreaking to say the least. Mom, I love you. We sat in that restraunt talking and she cried some, but eventually it got better, like everything good in this world; it gets better. The mood turned from upset to concern about safety, provisions, funding for a mission and school when I get back, then to telling my dad and brother, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc. She was able to find even the slightest comfort in my grandpa's words and the mood by the time she left on Monday was of acceptance, understanding and love. So there it is. I decided to leave everything I know, enjoy, friends and family to serve the Lord wherever He may need me. Imagine that...?