Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Know It Would Be Nice....

It's done!!!!!! School is out for summer and by that I mean for a week! Its all good but I am so done with the devil's class (ANATOMY)! I rocked the lab final and kinda bombed my lecture but luckily there is always a curve that will save me! The way it gets done tho is weird. See, as we go along and take quizzes all semester long (9 quizzes, midterm and final in lecture and 16 quizzes, midterm and final in lab) and we find out our grade on each plus the what the curve is. Usually I'm above but oh man was this final hard. Although, its been a good experience and I'm pretty much set for any anatomy class I take from here on out cuz they will just be review. PT school is going to be so easy! haha!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Use Somebody

Why does it take so long for me to update this thing? honestly, things are pretty crazy right now. Finals are coming up in the next couple weeks and its goin to be crazy!!! Actually, only 2 of them will and their for the same class. I've come to realize recently that my career choice was probably the right one (Physical Therapy), however, I could probably do med-school if I really wanted to and spend an extra 4years getting paid in food stamps while paying of $300,000 of student loans. Ha! I realized though that medical is definetely what is right for me. I freakin love anatomy! cadavers rock! I've held a brain (multiple actually) and a horse heart! its huge, like the size of a basketball or pretty much the average persons full thoracic cavity! (squeeze lungs in there if you can, plus a descending aorta and inferior vena cava) if my heart was that huge i would have never quit track thats for sure. Besides rockin the hardest anatomy undergrad class in the better half of the U.S. i really like helping people. honestly, anyone that reads this, ask me for something ill probably help, unless your looking for a loan i might be too broke for that lol!
These past few weeks I've some interesting experiences. Anthony moved out because he was trying too hard to sell his spring/summer contract and ended selling it this random kid that is not necessarily, "BYU approved" dont get me wrong though, he's a good kid deep down, but a little misguided and scared. I must that I've gotten to learn a lot about myself during this time. I really love having someone to talk to about everything in the world and this experience was no different. I got some perspective on it from Callie cuz i mean, why not? who wouldnt want to talk to that girl ;p As an apartment, we had to come to a decision however, and we did and I feel that it can be for the better and things are going to work out. Faith is great isn't it?
Besides boring stuff like that, I got to climb for the first time in about 8 months last week! It was awesome! I didn't climb well, but there's a lot of summer to come to be out getting a tan (yea right) and buffin up the guns! if anyone wants tickets let me kno! ;p The best part was when we saw the aftermath of a base jumper crashing into the northern opening of Rock Canyon! He is one of the very few that has a failed jump and gets to tell about it............check out the peak and rescue chopper...........