Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Shave Your Wife

its been quite some time i feel like since ive sat down givin some thought for some updates here. i just got back from spring break, which is a gift down here in 'happy valley' seeing as how at UVU we get 3 school days off and BYU gets none! we dont get the prestige but we do have more fun! so in this past week and a half or so ive taken 3 midterms, 4 quizzes and a test. yea, full load for a little vacation. but some interesting things have been goin on lately.......
i went back to the bay for spring break and it was great! i saw friends, did some fun stuff, didnt get shot and dublin BART for longboarding in the parking garage and i went to LA for one of the semifinal games of the World Baseball Classic which was pretty sweet! amongst all the fun i did give myself a lot of time to think about things that are important in my life. i realized over this break that i dont really miss home. now, dont misinterperet that statement, i love my family and friends and the area in which i was raised to the dapper young man that i am now, but i dont like living at home. so many things have changed since i 'moved out' of my parents house. the bay area is a great place but it is changing, whether it is good or bad i cant really say but if its changing enough to have my parents to consider leaving the home they bought where they expected to pass away in, well thats just not a good thing i feel.
sometimes we get hit by a ton of bricks. for instance, last week when i got picked up by my mom from the airport we get in the car start drivin and about half way home she asks where i plan on living like once im done with grad school and people start callin me doctor. it was wierd and i answered with i dunno anywhere i can, ideal would be san diego i guess. she replies with, well, your dad and i were talkin about movin to boulder, CO. WTF????? you never kno quite how to react to something like that cuz its a shocker! you kno, really id be cool with that in the end cuz boulder is a sweet town! any of my homies back at CU can tell you that for real. it was just strange to hear comin from my mom and dad who are as constant as the tide.
friends change. quite constantly actually. i love my friends back home like no other, but you kno, wer all growin up. figuring out lives for ourselves and gettin older and whatnot. but it is funny that we do the same stuff we used to do in high school except now wer 3 or 4 years older than back then.

so i went to LA with my fam last weekend and we drove. which was cool i drove part of the way which i liked. all good through the grapevine kinda i guess but things took an interesting turn. look, anyone that knows me these days knows how strong im gettin to be in the Gospel but i always feel strange bein at home since my family doesnt believe the same as me in the slightest but its cool wutever, jus kinda do my thing. BUT as we wer gettin into LA, conversation got wierd. some things came up about Bible times and the fall of Rome and development of the Catholic church to the church of england and so on and so forth til we find ourselves talking about the Latter-day Saint involvement in prop 8. i really didnt wanna get into it but you kno i defended the Church's position but i also gave my insight that i had thought at the time. i do kinda feel like prop 8 in general was kinda off from a 'America is the epitomy of freedom' standpoint and not a religious one. i do kinda feel like a better alternative that would have caused way less fighting would have been to change the CA law to allow domestic partnerships similar freedoms as married couples without calling it marriage still. since marriage is a religious ordinance if you will. way less controversy had CA done that i feel like. but anyway, my dad gets into this thing that churches have great political power. which in some ways is true. cardinals or bishops in the catholic church can shmooze the pope for more power, however, that doesnt work for the LDS church since being an Apostle or holding a calling is in itself a calling from God. he then begins to argue with prop 8 and how involved members were in it that werent even from CA and blah blah blah and how most members are sheep and follow blindly and yea and so on. how can i really defend that, hes kind of right. there are alot of members that do follow blindly. we do need to follow the counsel of the prophet be are also encouraged to feel it to be true for ourselves and act in the way each of us, individually should act. we all have agency. basically, it went down hill from there and i was done with it. but it was really upsetting to find out that my dad really does have a problem with the Church. it sucks..............

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MFEO Pt. 1 & 2 Made For Each Other/You Can Breathe

What a week huh? yea, this is the first time i've really had a tough time at "midterms" BTW, i like that teachers have created a big test to give us in the middle of the semester when really they can just give us 3 or 4 smaller tests during the semester and a final to seal the deal you know? i only mention this because for the first time in the college days that i have that i can actually speak of proudly this is the first time ive had legitimate midterms. i have 2 anatomy midterms (1 for lab and 1 for lecture), a math test (not a midterm but still tough) and a stats midterm! why is school so hard?
so on to real stuff....
yea school is great but i really like Sundays. i've made it a point or a valiant attempt to refrain from doing schoolwork on Sundays. for me it's an effort to trust God that if i keep His day as Holy as i can that He will bless me for doing so. now, of course im not perfect and neither is anyone else (if you think you are, well, take a step back and look in the mirror, honestly...) so every once in a while i fail to do so, but its usually my own fault. i let myself get preoccupied with this and that or just plain feel lazy. it happens, so what? learn from it and move on right? thats kind of the thinking ive began to use and realize is that there is no need to dwell on mistakes youve made that are behind. learn, grow, recognize, dont let it become a habit and keep on keepin on! (thats a little redneck sayin for ya) i feel like one of the counselors in my bishopric always says it best, he always has the attitude of "Onward Christian Soldiers!" and everytime i see him or ask about something he always finds a way to finish with that and that is totally the outlook i wish i had. the "dont worry about it, keep goin, youre doin fine" attitude. speaking of "churchy opportunities" i got to go to the Draper Temple open house this past week with callie. it was so amazing! to just be able to walk through the Lord's house and see it and feel the Spirit of peace that resides there. if you havent done it, do it! even if your not mormon. its awesome! well, folks i feel like i have more to say but i guess i dont, this one took on a different topic than i was expecting to say but oh well still good i think......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Working Class Hero

today was/is sunday. coming to an end and since a certain someone isn't back from the airport, guess i'll throw down some ideals for you peeps out there that might read goes!

Since its the first sunday of the month, it is fast sunday for the LDS community/church/culture/etc. andi had a tough time makin it through today. i find it interesting that at least every month i fast, but i don't necessarily always have a particular reason to fast except that i donate an offering that goes to the Church welfare/homeless help/Bishop's storehouse/etc. (i dont totally know where it goes it helps someone that needs it). See, one could fast to Heavenly Father for answers to difficult questions in one's life at that time or fast about understanding from a particular experience or ask for guidance or for help through a trial one might be going through at that time as well. however, for me, i dont know if this is good or bad, but i dont always have a particular need from Heavenly Father. i hope that doesnt mean that im stagnant in my eternal progression or anything like that but i feel like sometimes i just like to let God know that i (me) have things that i want to offer Him and my fellow brothers and sisters with nothing in return but a good feeling that i helped someone that day, that one or two got to have meals because i gave up mine and donated. now, dont get me wrong, i struggle to get that full 24hrs. of fasting in and sometimes it ends up only being 15 or 20 hrs. because i might have had a late dinner or realized too late that that midnight snack isnt good and this is something im trying to work on, but honestly, i dunno what else im really gonna that will be relavant to this post so i guess ill leave it here. and seriously, if you do have tough decisions to make or have a really hard trial to get through, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! remember that you can ALWAYS turn to our Father in Heaven. He will always guide you to where you need to be and help you through that difficult time. i know, i've been there and ill probably be there again soon. ;P trust in Him, im learning to, its tough but if it was easy, everyone can do it!