Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Swim for Brighter Days Despite the Absence of Sun

First, sorry folks, it's been awhile (emphasis on the 'h' just for spencer), but im back from outer space and i just walked in to see that sad look upon your face! So a lot has happened in this past summer I would say. Took a couple classes, spent half the summer in provo half in fremont, returned for the fall to realize that, once again, life is far more complicated than i had thought previously...
To start, this summer i took chemistry, "suck me sideways!" (more on this phrase later) and it was the worst thing ever. Let's remember that i already hate chemistry and am no good at it beyond the simple math part and finding moles and whatnot, but add too it the fact that my teacher was a COMPLETE TOOL!!! yea, wanna kno what i mean? go to and watch the "college tips" episode and fast forward about a minute and a half and watch, he'll talk about teachers and it perfectly describes my chem prof. Besides this class that i have to take again, summer wasnt too bad. I messed up my knee once again (those of you who ran with me in high school know my affinity for knee problems) bad enough to need physical therapy. This was pretty awesome tho since i got to see what i think i want to do someday in being a therapist (i say think cuz med school is still an option). I rehab-ed for about 6 weeks before i could run again then started playin intramural softball which was pretty fun.
The downside to this time is when Callie tore her ACL..... :( extreme disappointment. She had to have surgery on her right knee which put her down for most of the summer, however, i got to be boyfriend, maid, chouffer and chef while she was recovering and i think it was pretty sweet!
Eventually, i had to make that long drive back to CA after my class was done so that i could work for my mom and visit for a few weeks plus take the GRE (I did ok, probably gonna take it again plus maybe some MCAT action). It was cool working for my mom this time around because 1) i was workin with my best friend Kevin 2) Diane is ridiculous 3) Alan, our coordinator, is the freakin man. He's so the man we gave him the nickname Alan "All Man" Manalac and 4) I played some basketball every week. Staying out of other peoples drama was good too. And the phrase earlier (suck me sideways) started at work when me and Kev were assigned to pull indate orders and we would have bins full beyond the brim and it was a rough day and i got an order where it had like 5 bags out of one bin that was overflowing and i said it....and it stuck and was hilarious. This visit was about 6 or 7 weeks long in the which i went to Vegas for a weekend and talked to Callie almost everyday despite the potential of us not dating when i got back because of a thing that i wont mention. Well, turns out we did and are still dating! why she's into me? I will probably never kno but I wont complain ;P