Sunday, November 8, 2009

With Hands Held High

Alright, its been a couple weeks but i got somethin to say!! First, life is goin good; school, homework, tests/quizzes, church, preparing for the mission, etc. ok, This past Saturday the U.S. House of Representatives passed Obama's bill for health care reform. Sounds good right? FREAK NAW!!! We will be positively screwed if this thing gets threw the Senate! Here's why:

Ok, I think that we do need healthcare reform, however, I believe in making a rational solution that may take some time to get used to doing but in the end it works. So Obama's current bill is over 2000 pages long so to be fair, I haven't read the thing, but I feel that I can reasonably comment on it. A GOVERNMENT OPTION HEALTH CARE PLAN IS NOT THE ANSWER!!! Insensitive? NO!!! Look, only 10 or so million people in America do not have healthcare; that is 10 million out of over 340,000,000 Americans. Goin with basic bath thats only about 3% of the country. (Bear in mind, I think that 10mil. is an underestimate by a little and 340mil is about right on.) So I'll ask this, "Why are we going to alter everything for such a small percentage of people?" Please, someone answer this for me cuz I don't know. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe in helping people, anyone that I can, however, I want to be a doctor someday and while utilizing my abilities and the things I learn in Med School is probably one of the greatest joys of life, I still need to be able to pay off the debt accrued in Med School and to support a family without having to work 80 hrs. a week!

Where am I going with this? Here, we need better change than a government option healthcare plan. We need to start with the patients. Yes, the patients. Patients need to actually want health advice and care from doctors not assuming doctors are all "quacks" and using WebMD to diagnose themselves. WebMD is useful, but WebMD didn't go to med school and every person is different. Patients don't look for help anymore, they look for money. Doctors feed malpractice insurance as often as they can because they know that one mistake could cost them their life. People, DOCTORS GET IT WRONG!!! Most doctors are right about 85% of the time. Thats pretty dang good if you ask me. Think about it, doctors make 250-300 g's a year for being CORRECT 85% of the time, but baseball players FAIL 7 out of 10 times and no one sues them......just sayin. So overall, we need to fix medical lawsuits, if a doctor does screw up and a patient can't do their job anymore or dies or whatever, the doctor should only have to pay what the patient would make in their current job until they would retire at 65 or whatever. It is completely outrageous to sue a doctor millions of dollars when that person wasnt going to ever make that much money. This goes into effect? Health care costs go down.

#2: Health insurance compaines should offer a minimum program. This would allow employees of business's to afford healthcare without compromising everyone else's benefits. Very simple I think...An option low level employees can handle and as you go up the chain you will still want better care. How simple is this??????

Look, I believe in conservtion, wind energy, energy saving light bulbs are awesome (and i use them), I take my reusable bags to the grocery store, i love water, i want alternative fuel and all that jazz, but spending 1 TRILLION dollars on crappy healthcare reform does not excite me in the least. And thats all I got to say about that.....