Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Know It Would Be Nice....

It's done!!!!!! School is out for summer and by that I mean for a week! Its all good but I am so done with the devil's class (ANATOMY)! I rocked the lab final and kinda bombed my lecture but luckily there is always a curve that will save me! The way it gets done tho is weird. See, as we go along and take quizzes all semester long (9 quizzes, midterm and final in lecture and 16 quizzes, midterm and final in lab) and we find out our grade on each plus the what the curve is. Usually I'm above but oh man was this final hard. Although, its been a good experience and I'm pretty much set for any anatomy class I take from here on out cuz they will just be review. PT school is going to be so easy! haha!

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